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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: The Oregon Trail 2: Gold Rush

Embark on a new journey to Western America! Relive the adventures of migrating pioneers on the trail to the California Gold Rush in a new travel map based on the historic American period following the Oregon Trail.
Experience the same winning decision-making formula of the original game you love and ensure the safety of your wagon. Lead a new party along an arduous journey: Cross diverse terrain, face unpredictable random events, and meet various historic characters while you collect testimonies left by the party from the previous Oregon Trail mobile game.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

ur the best...

Anonymous said...

I never see ads when I use Firefox. Wow, my Adblocker works big time! So now just to show how much I appreciate your site, I use IE so I can click ads (and I clicked a bunch!) and I never ever use IE! You may want to make a note of this so others who uses Firefox or Chrome with adblock can see your ads. As I always wonder what ads you are talking about as I don't see any. Just my 0.02.

Anonymous said...

I Use opera to see ads on this site. Thanks for this game

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