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Sunday, May 23, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Namco Pac Man

It needs no introduction, it is now available on HD2 in its original version: Pac Man.
this is a very old version of the game, i was surprised to see it works on the HD2.
the only bug i found is that after the game is over, you cant start a new one. you have to exit the game and open it again from your games folder.

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Anonymous said...

is there a Pacman with G-sensor support?

eastside58 said...

why do people want to play EVERY game with g-sensor?? that isn't always advantageous ;)

Anonymous said...

great question.... I myself kinda dislike games that require it.... but in any case thanks.

clyde said...

it needs a d pad

Nabil Majid said...

bad controling

Anonymous said...

great game, horrific controls

Anonymous said...

Pacman is old school and a nice play!
However, the control on the HD2 is very bad!

Anonymous said...

how can i install this thing down to my htc hd2?

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