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Thursday, May 6, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Skype v3.0.0.256

Free Skype-to-Skype calls
Call your Skype contacts from your mobile, free from any WiFi zone.

Instant message (IM) and more
IM and group IM over Skype, plus share pictures and movies.

Call phones abroad – and save
Call and text phones abroad with Skype Credit, or call on a subscription and save BIG time.

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Anonymous said...

Work "like in old days" on my HTC HD 2

Like In old days = before skype did close down for wm phones!

Anonymous said...

do i loose my air minutes?

Anonymous said...

my microphone is not working =[
any help please???

Rafael said...

it will not work, on my phone when the phone shuts down skype stops working, you have to use the headphones and keep the screen on. I got fed up with that.

wiseleo said...

Works fine for me with and without the headset. T-mobile HTC HD2 USA with unmodified T-mobile ROM.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million
Works fine on my HTC Touch Diamond

jean said...

come posso metterla nel mio htc hd2 ?!

Shukri said...

It used to be working, but not anymore. It connects and shows my contacts, but I cannot make calls and does not shows who is online!! Any clues?

Anonymous said...


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