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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: mixHDJ v1

mixHDJ brings the power of conventional DJ hardware to you windows mobile touch screen phone. For the beginner its an ideal tool to learn to DJ, beat match, cue music and cross fade between tracks. For the established DJ it gives you great way to listen to and mix your own music on the move, show off you DJ skills or perform a short notice gig. Your mobile phone is a powerful tool, use it to it's full potential, use it with mixHDJ.

* Easy to use DJ mixing software
mixHDJ’s intuitive touch screen interface provides you with familiar DJ controls and rotating platter control.

* Dual Deck mixing
Switching between deck layers gives you full control over each turntable including setting of cue point, pitch control and fading between layers.

* Monitor your mixes
mixHDJ gives you the unique ability to monitor one deck whilst playing the other live so you can mix professionally and accurately

* Load separate MP3s into each deck and control position, pitch & cue points individually.
* For quick pitch shifting from -8 to + 8%
* Display shows track name, current pitch, time elapsed and which deck it currently active.
* This simple but effective animation provides instant visual feedback as to what your selected deck is doing.
* The multi-function platter provides fine pitch tuning, pitch nudge and cue set facilities.
* If the play light is green the deck is playing, if its red its stopped. Simple.
* Access to the finger touch responsive cross fader provides a quick and easy way to cross fade your tracks.
* At the moment we have Auto fade and turntable power off style effects.
* Fast scrolling large text mp3 browser so you can quickly and accurately select the next tune.
* DJ from your phone speaker, headphones and speaker or connect to a professional DJ mixer.
* Scratch on a virtual vinyl record or use it to beat match your track. (THIS FEATURE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE)

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Anonymous said...

This app just makes my HD2 Better I Can say Bye to my old samsung beat dj mobile, THANKS Time to click on ad bout DJ Decks Cheers

Sallal said...

the function of scratching on the record is available - you just have to tap in the middle of the record

Anonymous said...

hey man thankss !!!! =DDD
i can't thank you enough i guess !!!! xDDD

keeep up your excellent work =]
you'r making some people very very happy =D

serote said...


AMIR said...


Anonymous said...

respect for posting this. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

its amazing,

Scratch on a virtual vinyl record or use it to beat match your track

This feature works on my device!

Anonymous said...

great & must have app.... great work bro & keep it up!!!
& all we can do is to support, clicking on the adds on your site...

Anonymous said...

nice thanks bro

D said...

Big ups on this app.



MajorGC said...

Very good and gives so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Once downloaded how do you install it on your phone?

Anonymous said...

how do i put it on my phone once iv'e installed it on my computer

Anonymous said...

great app thanks for upload & good job like always :)

ibn-abeeh said...

thanks man thanks aloooot ,,,

Anonymous said...

realy good . i think for a handy tool is this great

Anonymous said...

how instal

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