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Friday, May 14, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Need For Speed : undercover v0.1.5.3

Dare to enter the world of street racing.
Win races to fill your garage with tunable cars.
Challenge your driving abilities in 2 thrilling modes: Career and Quick Race.
Test your racing skills in 5 exciting race types: Circuit, Sprint, Lap Knockout, Speed Camera and Bounty.
Race your way through 4 unique areas: Downtown, Industrial District, The Suburbs and The Outskirts.
Gain hard-earned respect to battle 4 top drivers
the new version 0.1.53 has the best graphics. The cars have more textures and polygons. is g-sensor support.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

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Anonymous said...


Amirul said...

dont forget to use bsb tweaks to make it landscape

Anonymous said...

reat game, so far no problems whatsoever.

Amirul, i have BSB Tweaks but i cant play in landscape. Which option do i enable to do this? Thanks


Anonymous said...

whats BSB?

Anonymous said...

Anon. If youre still getting to grips with your HD2 see this link for a great place to start to improve usability:

It also includes explanation of BSB Tweaks


wayne said...

thers no option for landscape in bsb tweaks......have to do a reg hack or cab install.....thats the only way

Anonymous said...

this is great pal! hope this site will run 4ever

Anonymous said...

Thx Thx Thx,this site is to good !!!

Anonymous said...

bsb tweaks damages your keyboard option eventually. dont run it

Amirul said...

menu/rotation/options/add application

open up game and shake to activate, may require soft reset

Anonymous said...

great game love it mate :)

dynoair360 said...

anytime i play the game my screen turns black and crashes any ideas??

jj said...

hey all
im still not that familiar with the htc hd2 , and i would like to ask a question regarding the next thread :

"when trying to run the program , im getting the next error msg :

this application requires a mewer version of microsoft Net compact framework than the version installed on this device . "

i was trying to get some answers from google , but couldnt also passed on ~30 comment pages of the original thread.
i havent changed anything - manila , rom - all "original" from the shop.

can u help me ?
thnak you.

Shkedi said...

jj you should install this:

prezza said...

I've tried several versions of this game on my HD2 and it always crashes when i get to the third zone. It starts to play then the screen goes patchy, then black, then crashes. It's a shame because i like this game alot. Can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

with BsB tweaks go to rotation and select add..then open this game and shake your HD2 till you get tired,,, will then see option that will say something like rotation added. Close game and soft reset...enjoy.

Anonymous said...

same problem as prezza here... crashes on the 3rd level

Anonymous said...

my screen turns black everytime I use the Nitro boost.
Any solutions?

Anonymous said...

wt the fuck third level dosent work black screen

arin rungjang said...


uni said...

It's sounds like a demo ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah , it's broke at 3rd Level!!
Maybe you could post a version with a newer airplay sdk?????

SAGAR said...

me too having same problem
Screen turns black.
Any solution guys???????

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