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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: GRemote Pro v1.4.0

GRemote Pro can be used to control your PC using the PDA, and works as mouse, keyboard, analogue joystick, you can use it as PC remote controller.

You can control your Desktop media ( media player, winamp and more...)
Use your touch screen as a mouse pad.
Use your HD2 keyboard to type on your desktop.
Use it as a Joystick
many more functions are available.

Requirements:Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

* This file is for your desktop! connect your HD2 and run it on the desktop. 

Download This HD2 App Here:

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One more thing.....
I think its lacking the server part we must have in pc, right??

Anonymous said...

this is full pro version.
nothing else needed. tested and fully working.

LA said...


I installed this on my desktop. I launched the app from my HD2 but it could not find my PC even tho my activesync is connected. I have the GRemote icon on the PC taskbar, but nothing happens on right-click or anything. Is that normal?

Any advice please, thanks.

أبـ روان ـو said...

مشكوووور على جهووودك

من المهم ان تركز على البرامج النافعة والتي تهم المستخدم

أغلب إهتماماتك هي الألعاب وهذا شيء جيد لكن لا يكون هذا هو جل إهتمامك

بارك الله بك ونفع

المسلم لله بالعبادة

محمد - أبو روان

Anonymous said...

I couldn't make this work even after reading the instructions on gremote's site. Does this only work over bluetooth? I don't have BT on my comp.

Anonymous said...

duwdd tenkss man =DD
you rock xP
it works great on my windows mobile phone =D

MoAv said...

doesn't work on my hd2 either. and I've opened the port and everything

Anonymous said...

you need Bluetooth on your desktop for this to work

LA said...

For me, it is not a problem of BT or HD2. The software does not install properly on my desktop PC. After installation is complete, I can't right click the tray icon to get the options. Very strange, as it works for some others. :(

Anonymous said...

Works great on my HTC HD2!!!! Thx

Anonymous said...

بطل هذا التطبيق هو مثير!
وبطبيعة الحال فإنه من مصلحة كبيرة لهذا النوع من تطبيق جميع.

كن مع الله السل

جوس من البرازيلGUS FROM BRAZIL

Anonymous said...

you actually dont have to do anything from the computer once everything is installed. just connect the HD2 to your comp via bluetooth and everything should work fine.

Anonymous said...

Installed and working perfectly although it will need some extra time to configure to my liking but now i can sit on my sofa and start a film or music from GRemote without having to move my ass over to the PC. LOL.

Anonymous said...

this is the coolest app ever. works perfectly once hd2 has found pc (which took some time).

Anonymous said...

SO this only works with bluetooth??? How come it says wifi/lan/bt on site? ANyone without bt on comp able to make this work? Please help! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Works fine, Thank you

Anonymous said...

This app works excellent, too bad when it comes to the laptop mouse simulation, it doesn't work with the multi touch were you want to hold right click down and select the select a row of items

Anonymous said...

works perfect,im even using it to write there any game that can be used with the joystick?

Anonymous said...

Yes, try using microsoft flight simulator.. I have trieds.. it works great

Ahil Mohan said...

@ LA - I was having the same problem. It just takes a while to connect. give it a minute.


Awesome. my new favourite app for the HD2!! =D

Remember to show your support for the developers and purchase the product if you found it useful.

Anonymous said...

man its working GREAT on my hd2, i used it to post this comment, thank a lot

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