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Thursday, April 29, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Piano Concert v1.4

Piano Concert is a virtual piano playing application.
Now you can play 88keys just like real piano. Convenient and intuitive UI. You can choose 1 octave or 2 octaves in a screen. And you can move octaves easily by navigation mini-keys (above) or touching arrow signs.

Download This HD2 App Here:

Monday, April 26, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Resco Photo Manager v7.10

Resco Photo Manager is a must-have HD2 App
Photo Manager is a favorite photo viewing program with features far beyond standards of the classic built-in viewer.

Users gain functions of complete image management in a modern looking and easy to handle application. Intuitive way of work, outrageous effects and many slideshow and edit features move other image viewing programs to the second line.


Upload to Social networks:
* Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa supported
* Upload image with comment and GPS location

Image formats & technologies
* RAW, CRW, CR2, RAF, MRW, NEF, ORF, PEF (only Professional Version)
* Fax formats
* Multipage Tiff supported
* 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 & 32 bit formats supported
* Transparency and ALPHA formats supported
* Animated GIFs
* Support of EXIF & IPTC meta tags

Image Browser
* Thumbnail & detailed mode with base image info
* Letter & date navigation bar
* Folder content preview
* Quick image access
* Quick thumbnail loading
* Caching of slowly loaded image thumbnails

Image Viewer
* Rotation , navigation and zoom gestures
* Double tap image to quickly view detail in original size
* GUI animations
* Support of G-sensor

Image Editing
* Image resize (multiple resize supported)
* Image crop
* Set image as Home Screen
* Set image to contact
* Convert image to JPG, PNG and BMP
* Gamma, contrast, brightness and RGB corrections
* Attach image drawings (lines, rectangles, circles, texts)

Image Notes
* Text notes (title, comment)
* GPS location
* Audio notes
* Text notes can be saved into EXIF

* Add GPS position to any image and make a diary of your trip
* Locate geo-tagged image on map (using Google Maps)

Slide Show
* Support of attractive transition effects
* Background music during the slide show
* Audio comments during the slide show

Multiple File Operations
* Copy, Move, Rename, Delete
* Send via IrDA, Bluetooth or SMS
* Send to email
* Upload to social networks

* Support of album packages
* Different skins available
* Folder previews

New features
* Online service updates will be available without the need to reinstall the application
* Updated upload to Facebook, Picasa, Twitter and Flickr
* MySpace, Photobucket, Fotki, Buzznet upload support was added
* Black skin is darker than before
* You can decide which email to use when using the Send to Email function.
* Finger friendly interface
* RAW format support (support for new cameras added)
* IPTC editing added
* Load/Save of IPTC templates added
* Histogram
* and of course FTP support

Download This HD2 App Here:

HTC HD2 Games: Carnival Land v2.2.0

All the fun of a carnival comes to your mobile with the richest content and 14 hilarious mini-games. Play the famous Dunk Tank, Bandit Shooting and Test Your Strength in four difficulty levels that will constantly keep you challenged. Play as one of 2 characters and visit 5 colorful environments like space or the Wild West, each with a unique atmosphere, to win challenges and prizes and unlock more games. Going to the carnival has never been so much fun!

Game features:
The richest content on mobile with 25 challenges to play!
5 colorful environments, each with a distinct atmosphere, including space, the Wild West and more
14 unique fun-filled game concepts including the iconic Bandit Shooting, Test Your Strength and Dunk Tank!
A very colorful cartoon style, creating a great carnival atmosphere
A progressive difficulty level that keeps you constantly challenged
Win challenges and complete short goals in the game to unlock new maps and collect prizes

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Friday, April 23, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Super SID v2.1

Super Sid is similar to packman, more fun and well written software.
Control Sid the cheeky robot on his adventures through colour levels as he rids the world of toxic waste. The challenge is to help Sid clean all the levels. But watch out, because rogue security robots are chasing him! By collecting extra power boosters, you can allow Sid to battle them.

* Supports Accelerometer Control !

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Chainfire HD2 3D Driver Patch v2

For many Leo (HD2) users several OpenGL games and apps do not work properly, are very slow, or stutter. This patch aims to fix these issues somewhat.

This patch is a two-parter. It used to be a single package but I decided to split them up. You should install them both on the HD2.

--- (1) (OpenGL ES driver)
This contains my OpenGL ES CM patched driver and CL wrapper, and the CF3DConf driver configuration utility. It only applies to applications that use OpenGL (TF3D/Sense/Manila, games, glBechmark, etc). It is the "hacks" part of the driver package.

The patched driver can operate in 3 modes:

(1) "Original" - Don't do any magic, just use the stock 3D drivers, mostly terrible
(2) "Fast" - Improve performance as much as possible, works great for most games and apps
(3) "Slow" (Anti-Stutter) - Prevent stutter lag, some games and apps need this mode to run smoothly

The mode to run in can be configured by the CF3DConf tool which is installed by the CAB file and can be found in your start menu.

By default, any application the driver does not "know", runs in "Fast" mode. This default can be changed in the configuration tool. As soon as an app runs that uses GL, the driver registers this, and after running it for the first time, the mode to use for this app can be configured in the configuration tool. For most apps and games you will probably never have to change the default settings.
--- (2) (Direct3D Mobile driver)
This contains the TG-01 Direct3D Mobile driver. It is compatible with the HD2. For some reason, the HD2 does not come with a D3DM driver by default. Very few apps and games use D3DM, but a decent D3DM driver is also known to influence the performance of DirectDraw, which is used by many applications. As an example, some people have reported improved performance in CorePlayer after installing my driver packages, this is most likely caused by this CAB.

More Information about this app can be found here:

* uninstall old version before installing the new one.
* install both cabs on main memory (not storage card)

* This is not the latest version! you probably want the latest version called Turbo 3D v3 here.

Download This HD2 App Here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Avalanche Snowboarding v2.3.0

Enjoy the most realistic and trick-filled snowboarding game on mobile! Take on more than 20 challenges to play in 4 different environments including a forest, stadium and city, each with varying weather conditions. Customize your gear at the shop and jump on your board for fun-filled big air, urban jib, boarder cross and free ride sessions. Winter has never been so fun!

More than 20 challenges to play in 4 different environments including a forest, stadium, ice river and a city
Ride at night, during the day or at dawn. Face harsh weather conditions or enjoy a nice sunny ride
A huge number of tricks, from grinds, spins and frontflips to Christ Air and method
An in-game shop to customize your gear
Various weather conditions including day and night
Cool music and stage design creating a true snowboarding atmosphere.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Spinballs v.1.4.0

Spinballs is an exciting puzzle game with brilliant graphics, rocking music and great sound effects that introduces an unique gameplay.
Seven discs with six coloured balls on each of them make up the playground. Each disc can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. Try to connect balls of the same colors by rotating those discs but never forget that time is running!

The higher the levels the less time you have. Four helping elements can be charged and triggered to clear the field, slow down time, sort all balls or multiply the points owned. Use them wisely and develop your own strategy to reach the higher levels!

Download This HD2 Game Here:

HTC HD2 Games: Cash Cab v1.0

Enter the Cash Cab and experience the Discovery Channel hit gameshow.
Cash Cab challenges players to answer a series of progressively difficult questions before they get to their destination.
As the meter ticks, the questions get harder and the stakes get higher. Miss three questions, and the Cash Cab pulls over and ejects the contestants onto the curb. Cash Cab mobile features nearly 1,000 questions pulled from subjects as diverse as History, Pop Culture, Language and Science.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: How To Train Your Dragon v9.1.0

The official mobile game of DreamWorks Animations' How To Train Your Dragon. Play as Hiccup the Viking and Toothless the dragon. Solve puzzles, explore the Island of Berk, and soar through the open skies above!

- Become a hero as Hiccup and dare to tame the wildest and most dangerous creatures on earth!

- Soar through the skies above on Toothless the Night Fury!

- Use your wits to solve puzzles and explore the Viking home Island of Berk, from the shores of the Viking Village and lush green forests to the harsh icy mountain peaks.

- Stand toe-to-toe (or talon) with Viking warriors and dragons straight from the film!

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell v2.5.0

Play as Sam Fisher, a highly skilled special forces operative and fight a corrupted secret agency to get your daughter back. Follow a trail of intrigue that leads from Malta all the way to the White House! Run, jump, fight, and shoot using a handgun, shotgun, AK47 or bazooka. Hack into computer systems and maintain stealth by improvising with nearby objects or even by blending into a crowd. You are now a renegade spy agent; you don't follow any orders except for your own rules of engagement! Your morals, your game.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Resident Evil - Uprising v2.3.0

Raccoon City is overrun with zombies and horrifying T-virus mutants. Take control of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as you make your way through a decaying city where every action could mean life or death. Based on the best-selling and highly acclaimed Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation®, this game brings the thrilling Resident Evil universe to mobile. Explore the city and face hordes of undead enemies. Use guns and melee weapons to fight, or when all else fails, run! Solve elaborate puzzles and unravel the mystery of the outbreak as you make your desperate escape… if you're not infected first.
Enter the Resident Evil universe: A frightening adventure in a city infected by legions of zombies…

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SciLor's GrooveMobile Alpha v7

SciLor's GrooveMobile is a grooveshark(tm).com player for Windows Mobile.
With this great HD2 app you can listen to any song you want for free. all you need is a WiFi connection.
this new version allows you to:
-Feature: Save your playlist!
-Feature: Random Play (Very simple, so double songs may occur ;))
-Feature: Repeat Playlist
-Feature: Display off option in the menu, to allow WiFi etc. running...
More Information about this app can be found here:

Download This HD2 App Here:

Monday, April 12, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

I'm getting a lot of comments about some apps and games not working on your HD2.

please install this file to the MAIN MEMORY (not the storage card)
and everything will work for you.
this is a must have !
to check if you have the latest version by opening this in your HD2: \Windows\cgacutil.exe
(compare your results with the picture above)

Download This HD2 App Here:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Zuma v1.5

Survive the ancient temples of Zuma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler from PopCap!
Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting with traps and trickery, and it's up to you to uncover their treasures.
Fire magical balls from your stone frog idol to make matches of three or more and clear the deadly chain before it reaches the golden skull.
Explore all the temples - if you're good, you'll rack up huge combos and special bonuses that'll help you on your way. But think fast and aim smart, or you'll be history in this action-packed puzzle challenge!

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Abyss v1.02

Abyss is an original strategic puzzle game with Tetris-like game play that challenges you to rearrange colored pieces by sliding them horizontally and vertically to create a path for your pearls across the abyss. You must balance them so they don't fall into the abyss. Different sound and theme options make this game fun and appealing!

Abyss has a simple concept but tests your strategy and problem solving skills by increasing the difficulty of each level as you progress. The high score is recorded, so you can compete against yourself or a friend. Hurry, the faster you complete each level, the more points you receive! You'll never get bored with the UNLIMITED number of puzzles!

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: NFL 2010 v2.3.0

Experience real football and play for the Super Bowl against the Cardinals, Steelers and the rest of the NFL on your cell phone.
Every 2010 player and over 100 plays make this a complete sports game. Get into the action with a new QB view & feel the rush of running and passing in beautiful 3D-like graphics. More intuitive controls allow you to perform moves easily while charging down the field. You’ll practically feel it, as your player tackles opponents & hear the crowd roar as you score!

The official NFL video game:
- Full teams rosters and the complete 2010 NFL season including post and pre-season schedules.

- New immersive QB view (split screen) showing the QB and also the potential receiver, plus a new kicking view.

- Intuitive controls to quickly make the best decisions on the field.

- More detailed players’ graphics and new moves like dives or hurdles.

- Additional playbooks with over 100 plays, plus a practice mode to learn how to master them.

- Play as the coach and manage your roster to perform along the season.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Prince of Persia HD v2.2

The official high-definition version of the new Next Generation console game from Ubisoft. New cooperative gameplay allows you to perform acrobatics and spectacular attacks. Spectacular 3D graphics: Characters, animations, and designs adapted from the next-gen version of the game. All New: Fight airborne enemies atop a dragon, swing on ropes, unleash special attacks, and more! Dive into the universe of 1001 Nights thanks to sumptuous 3D designs and dynamic lighting.

The Prince is back in a new kind of adventure in full 3D where cooperation with the mysterious Elika will let you perform actions never before seen on a mobile. Partnered with Elika, prepare for amazing acrobatics and fight gigantic monsters in 360° with a mix of magic and electrifying combat techniques! To save the world from a magical menace that has contaminated everything in its path, you must be ready for anything: ride a dragon, swing from precariously high ropes and fight a multitude of enemies in gigantic 3D environments full of traps and secrets to discover.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Little shop of treasures v.1.0.20

A very simple and fun hidden objects game.
Help Huntington's shop owners find more than 1,200 unique, and cleverly hidden, items for their customers and earn enough cash to open a shop of your own!

Featuring two great ways to play, an innovative hint feature, endless re-playability and more, this eye-popping challenge from the creators of the Super Collapse! series will bend your brain and dazzle your eyes. Find your way to fun at the Little Shop of Treasures today

Download This HD2 Game Here:

HTC HD2 Apps: MSDict Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

WordNet® is a large lexical database of English with up to 140,000 entries and more than 1.4 million words, developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
Instead of following the standard dictionary format, the WordNet dictionary is organized with an innovative and convenient approach. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations. In addition to the straightforward definition the dictionary shows how each word is linked to other words in terms of synonyms, opposites and similar words, but also hyponyms and hyperlinks within the group. 

Download This HD2 App Here:

Friday, April 2, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Ferrari GT Evolution v1.0.1

Join the elite circle of Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive races around the globe. Choose from 26 car models including the F430, Enzo Ferrari, Testarossa, 250 GTO and the brand new Ferrari California, and experience each one’s unique driving sensation. Then streak across 6 cities and 2 racetracks, including the official Ferrari Fiorano track, in a racing simulation that tests your speed and control. Take on challenges from other Ferrari drivers for fame, plotting your own course to the finish line and then to the next city for new challenges.

* 26 authentic Ferrari car models to drive: Ferrari California, F430, Enzo Ferrari, F40, Testarossa, 599 GTB Fiorano, 250 GTO and more.
* Race through the streets of 6 famous cities such as Paris, Rome and New York, and on 2 tracks, including the official Ferrari Fiorano track.
* Complete driving courses to obtain your driver’s license through fun challenges.
* A great sense of freedom: plot your own route on the map, travel from city to city and change your path at every crossroad.
* Take up numerous challenges from other Ferrari drivers.

* This game is over 45MB , installation on storage card is recommended

Download This HD2 Game Here:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: TypeNote v0.9.8.1

A simple application for taking notes, sorted by category.
- List of categories
- Auto open Category (open your favorite category on startup)
- List of notes
- Cut, Copy and Past text
- Select All text
- Search and replace text
- Insert current date
- Insert current time
- Portable Application (Settings are saved in program folder)
- all notes saved as separate text files in its categories folder.
- portrait and landscape
- Scans TypeNote\Notes\ or user specified location for folders that contain .txt files.
- Export notes (all)
- Custom Save/Read destination
- Files from 'root' will be added in "Main" category".
- Hide/Show buttons and title while editing notes (gives more screen-space for editing)
- Open files with the 'Open With' function in file manager (only when program is not already started)
- auto show keyboard (on/off)
- Animation can be switched on/off
- Warning "note already exist" can be switched on/off
- Place buttons (save, Cancel, Delete) above the keyboard (no need to close keyboard to see the buttons)

More Information about this app can be found here:

Download This HD2 App Here:

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