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Monday, May 10, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Spb Backup v2.1.0 build 3536

SPB Backup is an application for creating backup copies of the data on your HD2. It creates self-extracting compressed executables, thus making the backup and restore processes very simple and intuitive. Backup scheduling supported.

Save your data!
* Backup file compression
* Backup file encryption
* Storage card backup
* Full and custom backups

Scheduled Backup
Never again lose your data with automatic backup scenario!
* Automatic scheduled backups
* Automatic deleting of old backups
* Automatic reboot with SIM card pin code entering

Control your data restoration!
* Can be restored after ROM upgrade (ROM upgrade mode)
* Can be restored on another device (device upgrade mode)
* Self-extracting executable backup files
* Selectable items to restore
* Separate text message (SMS) restoring

Download This HD2 App Here:
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Anonymous said...


Ibrahim said...

can someone tell me if this will back up all the information..files pics contacts.everthing???

Anonymous said...

When I use it it backed every file even my quick contact pics my FB my saved passwords basically it will back up exactly what is on your phone and restore it as well.

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