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Saturday, April 16, 2011

HTC HD2 Apps: Formula 1 F1 2011 Live - The Global Sports v1.0

The Global Sports is the new sports brand specialized on mobile applications. F1 2011 Live is a product developed for amateur and enthusiasts of Formula 1™, with all the information and live mode for 2011 season.

• LIVE mode
All live information, lap to lap, is made by journalists to inform about all important things that happens during qualifying and race:
- Position during the race and grid.
- Each pilot times and number of stops.
- Comments on overtaking, track outputs, incidents, etc..
- Final results of the classification and race.

All relevant news to be informed throughout the season.

Classification table of all drivers and manufacturers after each Grand Prix.

Complete schedule of all races, with the date and time set by device configuration, together with results of each Grand Prix disputed (positions of each pilot and lap times in practice and classification).

All data for drivers, teams and circuits, with information and main features:
- Drivers: Position, podiums, pole positions, points, etc. as well as personal data, photograph, nationality, birth date, weight, height, etc.
- Teams: Position, points, podiums and main elements of the team profile.
- Circuits: Map of the track length in meters, number of turns, bends, a pilot with the lap record, country, etc.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.

This application will be valid until the last race of the season F1 ™ 2011.

Download This HD2 App Here:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HTC HD2 Apps: Palringo v2.6.1a Premium

Palringo is the ultimate Instant Messaging client for mobile phones and computers.
Now you can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use, all from one universal Instant Messenger.

- Facebook Chat
- Windows Live Messenger ® (MSN)
- AOL ® Instant Messenger (AIM)
- Yahoo! ® Messenger
- Google Talk ™
- ICQ ®
- Jabber ®
- iChat® / MobileMe ®
- Gadu-Gadu ®

Express yourself in chat with emoticons and smileys to show your friends how you’re feeling.
Send voice messages at the click of a button so your friends can hear your voice.
Show your buddies what you’re looking at by sharing photos and pictures in chats.
See where your friends are right now with location and let everyone know where you are.
Create groups so you can send messages to everyone at the same time. Or search the existing groups to find chat rooms you’re interested in and meet new people.
Broadcast what you’re doing and where you are with your status.
Automatically update your status on social networking sites directly from Palringo.
Palringo also supports voice messages, sending pictures and location service.

* I recommend using it with WifiNoStandby, so you can get messages while in standby mode.

Download This HD2 App Here:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HTC HD2 Apps: Slide2Call v1.0.0.6

Does this ring a bell? You get a call from your boss, your wife, your husband or just any of your best friends ... and when you pick up the phone you can clearly hear them talking in the background ...  and you realize they are totally unaware of it.
Or worse ... your call history reveals an accidental call to someone in your contact list, and you fear he may have heard everything you just did or said.
The new Slide2Call Application puts an end to this!

- Microsoft .NET CF 3.5
- Soft reset after installing, (before turning it on) or it won't work!
    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v9

    Download any MP3 file from the Grooveshark(tm) network straight to your phone, FREE!

    How to use:
    1) Simply search by song or artist name.
    2) Select the files you want to download.
    3) Add them to the download queue.
    4) Start Downloading your free MP3's !

    This new version also lets you search and download the most popular music with one click!

    All MP3 files are saved in your storage card in this folder:
    Storage Card\Program Files\SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM\Downloads\

    Requirements: Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: NanoGroove v1.0.9

    nanoGroove is a Windows Mobile application that uses the excellent Grooveshark™ online music service for streaming any song to your mobile phone!

    - Listen to any song, anytime, anywhere.
    - Touch friendly user interface.
    - Access your Grooveshark™ playlists.

    * Although this app is for streaming, you can actually DOWNLOAD any mp3 file with it.

    the last file you have listened to is saved in your storage card as : "groovy.mp3" .
    just rename the file to save it permanently !

    Uninstall your current version of nanoGroove prior to installing this version! 
    Previous versions of nanoGroove would fail to initialize due to changes in the Grooveshark API, this has been fixed in the latest version.
    After you have installed the latest version and are still experiencing problems it might also be necessary to remove the "Application Data/nanoGroove" directory from your phone.

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    HTC HD2 Games: Rolling with Katamari v1.0

    Help the pint-sized Prince create clusters of earthly objects superb enough to replace the stars in Rolling with Katamari.

    Build your Katamari ball and roll your way through thirty levels of crazy, Katamari fun! Revel in this wacky, addictive ball-rolling adventure.

    The King of All Cosmos has accidentally knocked all the stars out of the sky during a crazy night out. It is up to the pint-sized Prince to put the twinkle back in the heavens in Rolling with Katamari by Namco.

    Join him in his princely mission to create clusters of eclectic earthly objects fantastic enough to launch into space to replace the stars! Cockroaches, crabs and cars beware! Collect everything from hamburgers to the Eiffel Tower!

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: Panoramic moTweets v1.9.2

    Experience Twitter from your HD2 With all of the features you would expect from a great twitter application, moTweets allows you to take the people you follow on the go. Upload photos from your device camera and post their location for your followers to see.

    - Support for multiple Twitter accounts
    - Ability to upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album
    - Post your location manually or by using your device GPS
    - Tiny URL Support
    - Two (2) skin colors
    - Finger friendly, kinetic scrolling menus
    - ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, Replies, Favorites and much more!

    English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian.

    Don't forget to follow me on Twitter:

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    HTC HD2 Games: Age of Empires 3 AOE III v9.0

    It's the dawn of a new age in immersive real-time strategy with the return of the top-selling Age of Empires franchise.

    As the Knights of St. John, explore the New World as you build and conquer rival colonies in pursuit of the ultimate empire.

    Jump into skirmish mode or defend Malta from the Ottoman Empire in an extended campaign mode which is a prequel to the Age of Empires 3 PC game.

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    HTC HD2 Games: Pac-Man Party v1.0

    There’s only one way to celebrate PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary and that’s by playing PAC-MAN Party!

    To earn the ultimate cookie recipe, you’ll face off against 4 of PAC-MAN’s classic foes on 3 unique boards in an incredible array of mini-games ranging from competitive eating to cannon blasts!

    To achieve your goal of collecting 400 cookies, colonize each board with castles and then upgrade your territory. Anyone foolish enough to step on your grounds must face you in a mini-battle! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Special Tiles and Power Cookies, as they’ll alter the board and mini-games!

    Whether playing Story Mode, Single Board Mode, or Mini-Game Mode, all 10 mini-games can be mastered with fun tutorials, ensuring you’ll earn all of the available Bronze, Silver and Gold achievements!

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: Fim v2.8 Facebook Instant Messenger

    Fim stands for Facebook Instant Messenger (formerly known as FacebookIM)

    · Facebook Chat
    · Photo / Video Uploads directly from your device
    · Integrated browser
    · Status Updates
    · Chat Message Notifications
    · Facebook New Notification indicator
    · Unread Inbox Message Indicator
    · AppToDate Support
    · All Video Modes Friendly
    · Touch Friendly
    · No 3rd party registration is needed, this app connected directly to the Facebook website.

    What's New in This Release:

    · added font size settings
    · added number of comments to status lines on friends list
    · added native (improved) WM6.5 scroll to integrated browser
    · added zoom settings to integrated browser (click on "FIM" icon when browsing)
    Requirements: Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

    More Information about this app can be found here:

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: XDA Facebook v4.5.2 RC1

    The current facebook application developed by Microsoft for WM is lacking in refinement. We at xda-developers have decided to take this into our own hands and provide a better facebook experience for Windows Mobile.

    This app is still in beta stages, and not all features are working yet.

    Requirements: Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    HTC HD2 Games: Looney Tunes Monster Match v9.1.0

    Help Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig save Acme Acres from evil Dr. Fricktenstein in an addictive match-3 puzzle game.

    Defeat a monster army by matching 3 or more adjacent pieces in this gag filled game.

    Choose a favorite Looney Tunes character to battle against numerous wacky enemies and find the three missing monster badge pieces.

    Match 3 or more adjacent pieces to defeat evil Dr. Fricktenstein's army. Unleash hilarious special attacks to defeat your opponents and save Acme Acres from the evil doctor's scheme!.

    With a unique Looney Tunes style full of gags and laughs, Looney Tunes Monster Match is the perfect mobile companion to lighten up your day and set your inner monster free!

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: RapidRead v0.7.3 b

    RapidRead is a forum reading application similar to tapatalk.
    The aim of this application is to offer you a fast, easy and economic way of accessing your favorite forums, without the need of a web browser or extra costs on your data plan.

    More Information about this app can be found here.

    Requirements: Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

    If you are active on forums related to WM or the HD2, please mention this blog and add a link to . Thanks!

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    HTC HD2 Games: Football Match World Cup Puzzle v1.01

    Football Match is an addictive match 3 game combined with slot machine powerups and a World Cup / Soccer theme!

    Line up four or more for a powerup, bonus or goal. Powerups include Nudge, Spin, Blend, Blast, Mystery and more.

    Progress through the teams of the World Cup. How far can you go?


    - Addictive match 3 gameplay.
    - Powerups!
     - World Cup theme!

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    HTC HD2 Games: Hangman v1.0

    Hangman! We have all played hangman before with friends and family or as a child, now you can play against your phone when ever you like!

    With over 2000 words & phrases in 6 different categories, our hangman will keep you entertained for hours at a time. But be careful - you only get 7 attempts at getting it wrong or you could be hung out to dry.

    Hangman like you have never seen before, graphically one of the best around, great sound and great entertainment. Don’t miss out download it today!

    - Over 2000 words and phrases
    - 6 different categories
    - Sound effects
    - Great animation

    Download This HD2 Game Here:

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: HandyPaint v1.5

    HandyPaint is a powerful yet easy to use drawing tool for your HD2. You can use it to create your own paintings, or edit pictures taken from your device's camera, even you can take a screenshot for editing.

    HandyPaint provides you pleasant and excellent drawing performance that better than any product in the industry.

    HandyPaint provides online gallery for you to upload your paintings onto it. In HandyPaint Gallery you can manage your own paintings, and share them in your social network hubs. You also can browse and comment the paintings uploaded by others. So you may be immersed in it.

    - Supports anti-aliasing drawing. Makes paint look more comfortable.
    - Supports 30+ tools for drawing, such as pencil, line, curve, rect, round rect, ellipse, polygon, and text, flood fill, color picker, eraser...
    - Support for load/save image files in BMP,JPG,GIF and PNG formats.
    - Support for save paint as Gray bitmap file.
    - Unlimited Undo/Redo.
    - 12 levels of pen and line sizes.
    - 8 levels of pen hardness.
    - Text styles - choose among normal, bold, italic, underline and strikeout fonts.
    - Resizable and moveable toolbar. Also supports translucent and auto hide for toolbar.
    - True color of color selection.
    - Support for resize and move canvas.
    - Image sizing and stretching.
    - Support for take a picture by camera for editing.
    - Support for take a screenshot for editing.
    - Support for save paint as HandyPaint Format(.hpf) file for editing at next time.
    - Support for send paint to your friends.
    - Auto arrange UI elements at switching screen between landscape and portrait.
    - Upload and showcase your paint on HandyPaint Gallery.

    Download This HD2 App Here:

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: SugarSync v1.0

    SugarSync makes it easy to backup, share and access your files, anytime, anywhere. With SugarSync you get online cloud storage for all your files - documents, music, photos, and video.

    When you make a change or add files on any of your PC or Mac computers, SugarSync automatically syncs your files to the cloud, where you can access them from any Internet-connected device - including your HD2 !

    Once your data is safely stored in SugarSync, you can access it anytime from your mobile device.
    You can easily download music, view photos or videos, or backup and access any of your work or personal documents - right from your HD2.

    For example, show a friend your recent vacation photos on your phone, even if they're stored on your home computer. You have instant access to your data from virtually anywhere!

    - You need to sing up for a free SugarSync account. To get free 5GB of storage space sign up here:
    - PC/MAC companion file. (PC companion is included in this download)
      Download This HD2 App Here:

      Thursday, January 13, 2011

      HTC HD2 Games: Think In Lines v1.5

      Best remake of the classic Connect 4 style game featuring a stunning soundtrack and a spectacular industrial look.

      The superb game offers an adjustable degree of difficulty (from easy to diabolically difficult).
      Think in Lines provides an existing time trial mode and a 2player mode.

      - adjustable degree of difficulty.
      - animated game-chips and a stunning background graphic.
      - enthralling music.

      Download This HD2 Game Here:

      Tuesday, January 11, 2011

      HTC HD2 Games: Poker Flash v1.0

      Poker Flash! - Train your Pokerbrain! A mind-blowing 3in1 game around the poker rules!

      Card rain: Tetris style game based on poker hands
      Card memory: Remember 5 cards and make poker hands
      Card flash: Make the highest poker hand in 5 seconds

      Strengthen your concentration, speed of comprehension and a lot of other skills by playing Poker Flash! A fantastic new training game for your brain!

      Download This HD2 Game Here:

      Friday, January 7, 2011

      HTC HD2 Games: Cubix: Dragon's Lore v.1.0

      Prepare for an amazing journey across a world of Japanese myth and legend!

      The main goal of Cubix: Dragon's Lore is the removal of figures from a game field. Try to match pieces of the same color by adding new cubes, this is the way to score points and earn game money. Various bonuses will help you to cope with tough levels and the dreaded timer.

      Cubix: Dragon's Lore has several game modes.
      "Story" tells the tale of a quest of the dragon Kirin. You'll gradually pass through levels with different tasks, compete with bosses and upgrade your hero.

      "Classic" and "Arcade" games give you a pack of levels in which you must remove a number of cubes in a very short time, or play without time limits.

      "Puzzle" mode forces you to think hard about the best solution for different riddles in this mode.

      "Infinity" mode allows you to play as long as you wish, set outstanding high-scores until there are no possible moves.

      There's even a HotSeat mode for a chance to enjoy the game with your friends.

      - 4 single player game modes
      - HotSeat mode
      - About 200 levels
      - Story mode with a full-blooded plot and upgrade system 

      * Please read the "Instructions.txt" file before installing

      Download This HD2 Game Here:

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