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Saturday, July 31, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Pocket Player v4.1

Pocket Player 4.1 is a rockin' way to enjoy music and video on your HD2, Through multiple media and playlist formats, Internet connectivity, plugin extensions, and an intuitive interface, Pocket Player means less taps, more music!

* Full music and video support: MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, WMV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and WAV!
* Protected WMA support, u-Law, A-Law, AU, and ADPCM WAV (used in Voicemail attachments) playback
* Podcast subscriptions auto-download new content to your device!
* Media Browser menu system, with touch scrolling and gesture support!
* Media Library auto-imports 1000+ tracks with ease, with support for all common metadata tags for all media formats, including lyrics and ratings!
* 10-band Equalizer and Preamp, with presets!
* Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP): browse and play content from your desktop!
* Internet radio streaming support for Shoutcast (MP3), AAC (including aacPlus, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2), Windows Media (MMS) stations
* Web guide for Internet radio, MP3 blogs and podcasts, with pause, auto-resume and seek functionality!
* Voicemail playback (WAV email attachments), integrates with your Inbox!
* Visualizations and downloadable Album Art support
* Full support for Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC and Smartphone), WM6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 compatibility!
* Support for Bluetooth stereo headphones (A2DP), buttons (AVRCP), and mono headsets (Audio Gateway)!
* Skinnable (Pocket Player, WMP, and WinAmp WSZ skins) for all device resolutions with color change ability
* Themed and skinned Today plugin on touchscreen devices
* Reads tags such as ID3 (v1/v1.1/v2), MPEG-4, APE and ASF; scans device in background
* Gapless playback with adjustable crossfading
* Playlist manager, auto-generating smart playlists!
* DSP Plugin support, including time stretch and Bass Boost
* User-managed Bookmarks support; jump to a file and time
* For Podcasts and audio books: bookmarks, "Seek to last position", Auto-resume
* Hardware button mapping, button locking, one-handed navigation, including support for scroll wheels
* Adjustable sleep timer, automatic screen shutoff function

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Download This HD2 App Here:

Friday, July 30, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Chainfire Turbo 3D v3

Turbo3D (Formerly known as HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch) is a must-have on your HD2!
Many Snapdragon devices (HD2) have an issue with OpenGL that makes 3D games very slow and/or stutter. Turbo3D tries to fix this.

The Turbo3D driver is fully automatic - just install (to main memory!) and reboot - yet you can override the default configuration.

The Turbo3D driver can operate in 3 modes:
(1) "Original" - Don't do any magic, just use the stock 3D drivers, mostly terrible
(2) "Fast" - Improve performance as much as possible, works great for most games and apps
(3) "Smooth" (Anti-Stutter) - Prevent stutter lag, some games and apps need this mode to run smoothly

By default, any application the driver does not "know", runs in "Fast" mode. This default can be changed in the configuration tool. As soon as an app runs that uses GL, the driver registers this, and after running it for the first time, the mode to use for this app can be configured in the configuration tool. For most apps and games you will probably never have to change the default settings.

As stated, some apps and games require "Smooth" mode to run fluently, for these you will have to go into the config tool and change the setting for that specific app.

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More Information about this app can be found here:
* This app must be installed on the main memory and not on the storage card.
If you have the older version of the chainfire 3D driver installed you should manually uninstall it before you install this new version.
If you are running a rom with the older version cooked in do not install this app.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Winter Game Fantasy v1.0

Winter Game Fantasy is a cartoon style 3D action game pack featuring three independent sports games - Penguin Ski, Polar Bear Sled and Orca Stunt.

Each game features a personated cartoon animal as the athlete. The games are created in a vivid, fancy and fun-filled cartoon art style.

Orca Stunt
A fun-filled time-trial and skill challenging game with an adorable Orca showing off its amazing underwater stunt when trying to collect treasures within the shortest time to get the highest score.
The overall objective is to collect all treasures within the shortest time and with the best performance. During game play, the Orca constantly loses points with each passing second. If the score reaches zero before picking the last treasure, the Orca fails to complete the level. The Orca also needs to jump out of the water to inhale fresh air when the oxygen level gets low. Once the oxygen level reaches zero, the Orca will drown.

Penguin Ski
A chubby penguin is the skier and racing rules is inspired by the alpine downhill ski.
The overall objective is to finish the ski course within the shortest time. A series of gates are laid out along the ski trail. The Penguin must pass the gate marked by two poles. Every time a gate is missed, a certain amount of penalty time is added into the total time. If more than five gates are missed, the Penguin fails the trail. The final score is calculated on the basis of the total racing time plus the penalty time. Less combined time generates higher score.

Polar Bear Sled
A fantasy style snowmobile racing game featuring polar bears as the racers and several towns and villages as the racing courses.
The overall objective is to finish the snowmobile course within the shortest time. The final score is calculated based on the total racing time on the course. Less time generates higher score. The racing course is randomly generated every time the race is started; therefore the course length and route vary in every game session.

* This game uses on screen buttons, you must activate it by clicking the "+" sign at the bottom right side of the screen. 

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HTC HD2 Apps: winmoFinance v.1.8.100419

winmoFinance is an all in one finance app that designed for professional or personal use. It enables HD2 owners to keep track of their Expenses and Revenues.

With a very finger friendly, eye catching, and unique animation designs, it makes the process of tracking your money even more exciting and fun. The app will display the the currency symbol based on your mobile device regional setting.

In addition to keep track of your money on mobile device, winmoFinance supports exporting of data to a more friendly file format that you can easily open and edit with Microsoft Excel on your Desktop. The app also supports importing of data, this way you can import back your exported data for mobile viewing.

Another unique feature that makes winmoFinance unlike any others is the ability to use your mobile device camera and capture your receipt or check that associated with your expense or revenue entry.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SBSH GoNews Touch v1.3.2

Personal daily newspaper for your HD2.

GoNews Touch is a news-reader application that aggregates different headlines and articles from across the internet based on your personal configuration and caches it automatically to your mobile device, creating a newspaper-like interface that allows you to read through the daily headlines and articles even when your device is offline while you are on the move!

GoNews uses a powerful engine that can follow either simple RSS feeds or read complete web-page articles using special templates that will allow you to gather news from any web-site across the internet! With GoNews you can track news of any topic you like: politics, domestic news, high-tech, sports, economics, weather, culture or any other web-site!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Build-a-lot 2 Town Of The Year v9.1

The hit casual online strategy franchise returns with an award-winning sequel - Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year!

It's time to get busy building, buying and selling houses! Flip houses for quick cash or sit back and watch the rental income pile up.

Use your entrepreneurial eye to spot the right locations for residential neighborhoods, parks and industrial zones. Boost your profits and raise Curb Appeal by painting and landscaping homes. There are new towns to explore, new Mayors to meet and lots of money to be made as you cast your vote for the "Town of the Year!" 

-New special buildings - recycling centers, parks and workshops
-Flip houses for BIG profits.
-Increase the "Curb Appeal" of your properties by painting and landscaping.
-Achieve goals, generate income and cast your vote for "Town of the Year" in Campaign Mode or improve neighborhoods at your own pace in Casual Mode
-Expanded gameplay, more colorful graphics and improved UI make Town of the Year a no-brainer for fans of the original Build-a-lot!

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Zenonia v1.7

The legendary journey has begun! It's time to explore the dungeon of mystery and choose your destiny in the world of ZENONIA!

ZENONIA: A classic action RPG slashes its way to mobile. The story is about a young boy on a legendary journey exploring the dungeons of mystery, trying to figure out what happened in his past.

The game features anime style graphics as you play numerous quests following an epic story. You can learn active and passive skills with astonishing effects. Obtain hundreds of items and weapons that can be found. Choose your own destiny by making key decisions that lead you to a path of good or evil. With climate changes such as rain, snow, and heat along with a day and night system, feel hunger when you run low on food and watch out for encumbrance by carrying too many items, a variety of different effects to increase the reality of the game.

Enjoy this beautiful RPG, which offers three different classes with more than 40 hours of game-play!

Numerous quests with an epic story with anime style graphics
Various skills with stylish effects
Hundreds of unique items and weapons
Innovative elements reflecting real life
Long play time over 40 hours

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HTC HD2 Games: Droplitz Delight v1.3

Can you save the Droplitz? Spin and twirl dials to make paths and help these adorable misfits to safety. There are twists-a-plenty in this humorous, colorful carnival of addictive puzzle action!

Think strategically and work quickly. Don't let your paths drip dry. Spin dials to form paths from top to bottom. Make multiple paths to increase your score and help the Droplitz multiply. Master Chain Reactions for massive scores. Never give up, never surrender!

Visit 6 colorful worlds in 5 brilliant modes. Set the Droplitz free in progressively harder levels with Target Quest. Jump in and challenge the original gameplay in Classic. Play to your heart's content in Free Play. Beginners can find solace with single dropper levels, a quick tutorial, and even hint buttons during gameplay, while experts can enjoy the challenge of Experienced and Insane.

With more than 40 levels, trophies, and competitive high score tables, Droplitz Delight will have you captivated!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: CSI Miami

A young woman is found dead on South Beach... Join the CSI's in Miami and lead the investigation in the official game of the popular TV series.

Move through the vibrant city to scope out crime scenes, perform autopsies, and interrogate suspects. Carefully gather evidence using a whole arsenal of scientific investigation tools and analyze samples at the lab. Collaborate with Horatio, Calleigh, Delko, and Dr. Alexx Woods to build a case and uncover the truth!

- Team up with the characters from the show including Horatio, Calleigh, Delko, and Dr. Alexx Woods.

- All the CSI tools are at your disposal: X-ray, luminol, magnifying glass, gloves, UV lamp, swab, tweezers, pipette, adhesive tape, and print collector.

- Analyze or collect evidence through 7 minigames.

- Watch the suspects' reactions as you interrogate them, and try to read between the lines!

- Move through 7 different locations in Miami such as the CSI lab, suspects' houses or the crime scene on South Beach.

- Unlock the exclusive "Horatio's code" minigame by completing the story mode

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian

* This game is over 100MB, install on your storage card !

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Monday, July 19, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Frutakia v1.97

Frutakia uses the "casino slots idea" and turns it into an original puzzle game.

Game Objective:
You must make groups of 3 or more same fruits/items at any direction! There are 5 different fruits and 2 different items. ‘Blanks’ can also appear. The ‘bell’ scores more points than the fruits and the ‘super item’ scores the most!

How to play:
There are two ways of playing. The first is by moving the fruits/items up or down (By dragging and dropping, or using the buttons above and below the fruits/items or using the hard keys.). The second way is by clicking on the button ‘Spin All’ which moves the fruits/items like casino slot machines does.

What to watch out:
Below the fruits/items there are three indicators. The first from the left shows your current score. The third which is on the right is your LIFE METER. It drops when you do something and if it runs out, you lose. If you full it you get a BET UP which raises your bet percentage in the middle. Try to raise it as much as possible because it helps you score much more.

There are 3 different gaming modes:
EASY: Take your time and have fun.
HARD: For the ones who like frantic fun.
FRUTAKIA: Bet your points and win or lose everything.

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HTC HD2 Games: Police Range v1.00

Take on the challenge of the Police Range! Put your skill and accuracy to the test as you train on the shooting range to become a crack police marksman. Compete against your friends or others worldwide to post the best scores on the online high score table! Show your consistency with repeated shots on-target which increasingly boost your firepower!

Choose from 2 ranges to train on:

Target Practice: test your accuracy as targets appear at variable distances, and aim for the highest scores. Increase your reaction speeds as targets pop-up faster in later levels to increase the challenge.

Crime Alley: test your eye and nerve in the street range as perps and civilians appear in windows and doorways. Take down the criminals but avoid shooting the civilians if you want to pass the training!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: OddBlob v1.06

Meet OddBlob: the groovy clay dude who loves to bounce! Help OddBlob bound across the squishy maze to grab bonuses, chomp fruit, and win points as quickly as he can as the chasing tiles disappear behind.

Watch out for bounce and double bounce tiles that can help you reach your goal or throw you through the gaps to impending peril below!

Cake slices earn you a try at the cake or doom mini-puzzle, the more bounces you make to get the cake, the bigger the bonus!

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Download This HD2 Game Here:

Friday, July 16, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Eternal Throne v1.11

Eternal Throne is a mobile fantasy adventure game with terrific 3D graphics!
Featuring impressive 3D graphics, stunning character design and great many challenges throughout seven distinct game chapters, this mythical themed adventure game will bring you to a whole new world of mobile gaming experience.

Since the beginning of time in the world of Elysia, the Gods of Light and Shadow have waged a war known as the War of Eternal Succession. Every one hundred years the Gods of Light and Darkness choose a single female champion who must search for seven holy artifacts known as the Queens Raiment. The champion who finds the artifacts first is crowned Queen of Elysia and rules in favor of her Gods.
If the Champion of Light prevails, then Elysia is granted 100 years of peace, prosperity and bounty.

Should the Champion of Shadow triumph, Elysia is plunged into 100 years of darkness and destruction and creatures of shadow run unchecked throughout the land causing fear, havoc and terror at the whim of their dark ruler.
Once again the Gods have called upon their champions to contest for rulership of Elysia. Our story begins as the Champion of Light begins her perilous quest, facing a land held in the grip of darkness for 200 years.

* The most advanced 3D graphics for mobile games
* Real time first person 3D view
* Superb character design
* Magnificent game level design
* Extraordinary music and sound effect
* Fun and challenging gameplay

* You will need to open the on-screen controls by pressing the "+" icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

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Download This HD2 Game Here:

HTC HD2 Apps: Freda eBook Reader v2.0

Freda  is a eBook reader, you can download, save and read eBooks.


* Reads ePub (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books
* Touch screen interface
* Works with all screen dimensions and orientations
* Customizable controls, fonts and colors
* Dictionary look-up
* Bookmarks and annotations
* RSVP (auto-scroll)
* Compatible with OPDS on-line catalogs (Feedbooks, Smashwords, Calibre)
* Store books on your phone, or download direct over-the-air

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Peg Solitaire - Solitario v1.0

Soliterio is a classic Peg Jump Solitaire game, there is only one very simple rules, Jump with on ball over the next one to eliminate it.

The object of the game is to leave only one ball in the middle of the board to win the game!!!

* For the solution watch the video below (Solution spoiler!)

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Download This HD2 Game Here:

HTC HD2 Games: Superman & Batman Heroes United v9.1.0

Team up with two of the world's greatest heroes to fight evil in Superman / Batman: Heroes United.

Choose to play as the Man of Steel to counter opponents with flight, superstrength and heat vision. Select the Dark Knight to stun adversaries with gadgets and martial arts.

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Download This HD2 Game Here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: ArtelPlus Mobile Macros v1.2

Mobile Macros for Windows Mobile allows you to record events (taps and moves) into an editable text file and replay them when needed.

With this app your can record all screen taps ,drags, click and hold, keyboard input or any screen activity. This is great for those repeating tasks you do over and over again, now you can do them all in just one click !

Macros can be used in many different ways, such as following:
- quick dial-up of a fixed phone number
- mute or unmute the device
- clean the memory with a single step ( unload of all running applications)
- make templates for SMS, events, tasks, notes, documents
- toggle the state of WiFi on and off
- start of an ActiveSync process when using a Bluetooth connection
- create various device profiles
- perform basic operations (for example, backing up files)
- log the stylus events into the text file
- create a self-presenting applications (automatic demonstrations)
- test your application on devices in automatic mode

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* The prerecorded macros don't work on HD2, you can delete them and record new ones !

Requirements:Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

Download This HD2 App Here:

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