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Monday, July 5, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Photo Contacts Pro v6.02

Photo Contacts PRO personalizes and empowers your mobile experience.
With Automatic Profiles and Call Blocking, Photo Contacts PRO adds real intelligence to your phone. Based on the multiple award winning Photo Contacts.

- Full Screen incoming call photo
- RingTone and SMS Tone Managers
- Call Filtering/Blocking and Automatic Profiles
- Advanced Photo Caller ID technology
- Crop and Adjust photos on the phone
- SMS Answering Machine
- Speed Dial and Quick SMS
- Search, filter and categorize by photo

*It seems this app is not compatible with all roms. 
I recommend doing a full backup before installing this app.
You can use SPB Backup here.

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Download This HD2 App Here:

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cab file: 6.49MB

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cab file: 6.49MB


Anonymous said...

Works Great on my Samsung Omnia II !!!

Anonymous said...

not on hd2.

Anonymous said...

works perfectly on my hd2, most excited about the call blocking feature, its been a long time coming, huge kudos!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wont load contacts on my HD2?? Not functioning

Anonymous said...

Links not working !! rapidshare gimme a cab of 47 KB and sharing error....

Anonymous said...

So does it work or it dont work on the HD2???? If any one else is using this on your hd2....please post.

Anonymous said...

Ok on HD2 French

Chris said...

Stay Away. Screws up HTC home, slide tab, and settings. Had to factory reset. Looks very cheap.

Zombie_Nerd said...

Tried it on my Hd2 and couldn't wait to delete it!!! Had to do a reset on my phone.

Anonymous said...

i read this little too late...cant erase it, tried uninstall it and then a soft reset but nothing yet..any help?

HD2Apps said...

I see this is getting a lot of you in trouble.
first of all, i wanted to say that this is working fine on my HD2, uninstall and all.
maybe it's not compatible with some roms...
please post your HD2 rom version and HD2 version (Euro or T-mobile) so others will know.
if the normal uninstall doesn't work, first install again, then try to uninstall with skTools here:
i hope this works for you.

Anonymous said...

my phone wont let me do anything dont even go to my sd card where i first installed the file...therefore i cant post my rom version..but its a im going with the hard reset i guess..thats for trying to help.

Anonymous said...

"thanks for trying to help"

Armin said...

anybody knows how can i remove it?

Anonymous said...

It seems that the 6.04 ersolves the problems on French HD2 with SFR Rom.

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