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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: 19touch v1.1

The object of the game is very simple yet very hard to complete and win.
Remove all numbers from the board. Numbers can be removed only in pairs. You can remove same numbers or those which give 10 in sum.

When there is no moves left, computer will add all left numbers on the board. If there are some problems just use hint!


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zip file: 1.34MB

Rapid Share
zip file: 6.17MB


Anonymous said...

why is rapidshare 6mb and the other is 1.3mb? i can understand if one of them was a .cab file, but they are both zip files...?

Anonymous said...

because rs adds an 5mb spam file, and you must not open it

Anonymous said...

No Because if the files any smaller you dont get reward for downloads on rabidshare Well that was the case Rapidshare Just changed it so its not worth using anymore and people are boycotting it

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