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Monday, July 5, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Family Feud v1.0

Name a game show that everyone loves to play? The Family Feud! The original user-generated content game show comes to mobile in its authentic form!

Now you will be able to experience the game everyone knows and loves. Go up against other families in the Face-Off and Fast-Money rounds to answer fun and entertaining questions based on surveys of 100 people. Surveys are updated every time you play. With hundreds of surveys, the game will always be fresh.

Create your own look with the player designer and enter your family name, too. Play Pass, Steal, and Strike! Survey's America's favorite game show!

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zip file: 6.71MB


WinD said...

Hey, i keep getting error. "Unable to open the achive. The archive may be corrupted, invalid or in an unsupported format."

I got this error for quite a number of application. Can someone pls teach me once and for all ? How to install the application. Even if i try to unzip using my computer, i still cant.


HD2Apps said...

just transfer the file to your hd2 and open it.

Anonymous said...

i cant. it doesnt work. giving errors !Pls assist.

Anonymous said...

i cant. please assist. It get the error message !

Anonymous said...

zipprd file is corrupt

HD2Apps said...

the file is fine, just tested it again, download again.

Anonymous said...

works for me

Anonymous said...

it works BUT is a bit buggy on my htc hd2

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