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Monday, July 19, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Police Range v1.00

Take on the challenge of the Police Range! Put your skill and accuracy to the test as you train on the shooting range to become a crack police marksman. Compete against your friends or others worldwide to post the best scores on the online high score table! Show your consistency with repeated shots on-target which increasingly boost your firepower!

Choose from 2 ranges to train on:

Target Practice: test your accuracy as targets appear at variable distances, and aim for the highest scores. Increase your reaction speeds as targets pop-up faster in later levels to increase the challenge.

Crime Alley: test your eye and nerve in the street range as perps and civilians appear in windows and doorways. Take down the criminals but avoid shooting the civilians if you want to pass the training!

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Anonymous said...

Very addictive...

Anonymous said...

darn ! the lady in the video is a darn good shooter :P

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