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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Resco Sudoku Touch v1.50

The most advanced Sudoku for Windows Mobile ever. Millions of puzzles, One-hand use, HINTS system, and more.

With Resco Sudoku, you'll also have a skinable interface and the ability to create your own puzzles, so you can customize the game to make it uniquely yours. Go ahead, take the challenge and have some fun with Resco Sudoku.

New features:
Brand new puzzle engine
Supports HD display resolutions
Includes new backgrounds

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Download This HD2 Game Here:

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cab file: 1.05MB

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zip file: 6.62MB


VictorZhou said...

How to register this game?

Anonymous said...

how to install this game? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

connect your mobile to your pc and put the .cab file in a folder you can remember. Disconnect your mobile from your pc and go to explorer in your windows menu. search the location of the .cab file, click it, install blabla, very easy. Nice game man

Anonymous said...

Registration Code please...

Anonymous said...

Trial version only.......

Anonymous said...

lol lol need to specified game and demo have a lot of space between them if you ask

Thai Vuong said...


Anonymous said...

oh man, i thought you only post the games & apps that are either free or came with crack/serial, this is just a trial version. very disappointed

Virusdan said...

registration code?
where do i get the code?

Henry said...

pensé que era gratis... entonces para qué instalarlo????

Anonymous said...

Let me first start off by saying thanks for the work you put into making our HD2 experience a better one. Now that you've gotten rid of the pop ups I'm in love again. Keep up the great work. I'll click on an ad every chance I get...I do wish this was a cracked version or something. I've been looking for a free Sudoku game for a while. Anyway. Thanks again!

4l3XuS said...

and dont tell me it doesnt work, cuz it does ;D

4l3XuS said...

it is cracked!

install this .cab :,

then restart ur device and open "preferences/more/personally/UserInformation"

like the first two pics here:

there should be a new icon!

click it, enter ur name...or any other u wish for. after that, close with "ok" and boom, it works.

(this works on WM 6.5!)

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