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Thursday, April 22, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Chainfire HD2 3D Driver Patch v2

For many Leo (HD2) users several OpenGL games and apps do not work properly, are very slow, or stutter. This patch aims to fix these issues somewhat.

This patch is a two-parter. It used to be a single package but I decided to split them up. You should install them both on the HD2.

--- (1) (OpenGL ES driver)
This contains my OpenGL ES CM patched driver and CL wrapper, and the CF3DConf driver configuration utility. It only applies to applications that use OpenGL (TF3D/Sense/Manila, games, glBechmark, etc). It is the "hacks" part of the driver package.

The patched driver can operate in 3 modes:

(1) "Original" - Don't do any magic, just use the stock 3D drivers, mostly terrible
(2) "Fast" - Improve performance as much as possible, works great for most games and apps
(3) "Slow" (Anti-Stutter) - Prevent stutter lag, some games and apps need this mode to run smoothly

The mode to run in can be configured by the CF3DConf tool which is installed by the CAB file and can be found in your start menu.

By default, any application the driver does not "know", runs in "Fast" mode. This default can be changed in the configuration tool. As soon as an app runs that uses GL, the driver registers this, and after running it for the first time, the mode to use for this app can be configured in the configuration tool. For most apps and games you will probably never have to change the default settings.
--- (2) (Direct3D Mobile driver)
This contains the TG-01 Direct3D Mobile driver. It is compatible with the HD2. For some reason, the HD2 does not come with a D3DM driver by default. Very few apps and games use D3DM, but a decent D3DM driver is also known to influence the performance of DirectDraw, which is used by many applications. As an example, some people have reported improved performance in CorePlayer after installing my driver packages, this is most likely caused by this CAB.

More Information about this app can be found here:

* uninstall old version before installing the new one.
* install both cabs on main memory (not storage card)

* This is not the latest version! you probably want the latest version called Turbo 3D v3 here.

Download This HD2 App Here:

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Mike said...


Firstly thank you for this blog is really great what you do: p

Would you VEGAS POOL SHARKS full version (it works perfectly on HD2)? thank you in advance ^ ^

ps: sorry for my English, I'm French;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Great Just what i wanted. J

Anonymous said...

nice tool, thanks.
I was using the old one.

Newman180 said...

Thanks man. Really appreciate this website

Anonymous said...

another "must have" ~ THX. (",)

Anonymous said...

not really needed on usa t-mobile hd2

Anonymous said...

are u sure its not needed in t-mobile usa?????

HD2Apps said...

needed for both T-mobile and euro version.

Anonymous said...

how to uninstall the old version?

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