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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HTC HD2 Apps: Slide2Call v1.0.0.6

Does this ring a bell? You get a call from your boss, your wife, your husband or just any of your best friends ... and when you pick up the phone you can clearly hear them talking in the background ...  and you realize they are totally unaware of it.
Or worse ... your call history reveals an accidental call to someone in your contact list, and you fear he may have heard everything you just did or said.
The new Slide2Call Application puts an end to this!

- Microsoft .NET CF 3.5
- Soft reset after installing, (before turning it on) or it won't work!
    Download This HD2 App Here:

    HD2Apps Facebook page
    cab file: 1.64MB


    Anonymous said...

    Can you tel me the register key

    Anonymous said...

    what happens with android blog?

    Anonymous said...

    Und wo bekomme ich den Key ?

    HD2Apps said...

    If you get registration problems, please try this version (uninstall the old one first!)
    let me know if it's better or not.

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