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Saturday, December 11, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Trigna v1.0

Trigna is the latest trend in puzzle gaming. CrazySoft team is back, with a completely new, addicting and clever mind game. The Tile 'Trigna' derives from the Greek word 'Trigona' which means 'triangles', and this is what the game is about: making triangles...

The objective of the game is to make triangles. Make triangles by clicking three marks of the same color. You only have some seconds until each round is over. Check the time meter.

Try to make as many different triangles as possible in each round. Try all possible combinations you can think of. But remember: You cannot use marks of different colors and you cannot make the same triangle twice. Also don't choose marks that are in a straight line.

• Completely new idea of gaming
• Hilarious cartoon character
• Translated into 7 languages
• Special mode for 'Color Blind' players
• Trains Brain speed and memory
• Friendly for all ages
• Unique graphics and music!
• Export Hi-Scores to internet

Download This HD2 Game Here:

HD2Apps Facebook page
cab file: 6.79MB


Anonymous said...

finally new games.

something newa bout pokemon? need it so badly xD

HD2Apps said...

couldn't find any pokemon games sorry,

Anonymous said...

Where is the game installed ?
I don't find any shortcut in the "Game" folder...

HD2Apps said...

for some reason the developer thought that putting it in the start menu/programs was a better idea...
you can use this to change that:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, man !

Publifun said...

I don't see the shortcut in Start Menu/Programs
or Start Menu/Programs/Games...

Where is the exe ?

Thanks for the answer

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