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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: DroppedBoxx v0.7.1

What is Dropbox? Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers.

Put your files into your Dropbox folder on one computer, and they'll automatically appear on any of your other computers that also have Dropbox installed.
Everything in your Dropbox is available from the Dropbox website, too.

What is DroppedBoxx?
It allows you to sync files with your HD2.

* You need to open a free DropBox account (2GB storage).
Use this link to open your account with an extra bonus of 250MB :

* Login (of course)
* Browse Dropbox files and folders
* Download Files
* Download then email
* Upload files
* Take photo and upload
* Delete Dropbox Files
* Save Login/Session details
* Copy/move files around dropbox
* Create new Folder

Download This HD2 App Here:

HD2Apps Facebook page
zip file: 1.70MB


Anonymous said...

sync does not work

Anonymous said...

Data stealer...

Anonymous said...

ive tried everything to get this to work and i keep getting the same error messages even though iam installing the cf3.5, and everything else it is asking me to do. Is there a version without these bugs?

Lazpa Cllis said...

This dosen't work, i mean it dosen't sync

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of one that does work??? And does not contain malware?

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