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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: WMuVuZelAs v1.00

Enjoy and participate, you too, in the WorldCup's noise making with this free Vuvuzela for Windows Mobile !

1. for sound, clic on main picture
2. by clicking again on the main picture, volume will increase (rounding)
3. for options, clic the ball. You will have the choice over 4 vuvuzelas sounds and to set (or not) the soft in fullscreen
4. to leave, hit the red card
Download This HD2 App Here:

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Anonymous said...

wokring ok. EU HD2

rammitt said...

u gotta be kidding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg !! somebody just ban these vuvuzelas from all world cup games !! it's realllyyyyy annoying -_-'

sorry dude i have to say that this is the worst thing you've posted so far xD ,, but i still appreciate your hard work and still keep on thanking you =DDD

Anonymous said...

we need a program for the world cup asap

Anonymous said...

Hyia... new version 1.2.2350

- adapted for small screens QVGA et QQVGA
- corrections minors
- change background picture after options exit
- volume fixed to 5 in opening

Ever last version and infos here :

Ronald said...

I like more this one

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