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Thursday, April 1, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: TypeNote v0.9.8.1

A simple application for taking notes, sorted by category.
- List of categories
- Auto open Category (open your favorite category on startup)
- List of notes
- Cut, Copy and Past text
- Select All text
- Search and replace text
- Insert current date
- Insert current time
- Portable Application (Settings are saved in program folder)
- all notes saved as separate text files in its categories folder.
- portrait and landscape
- Scans TypeNote\Notes\ or user specified location for folders that contain .txt files.
- Export notes (all)
- Custom Save/Read destination
- Files from 'root' will be added in "Main" category".
- Hide/Show buttons and title while editing notes (gives more screen-space for editing)
- Open files with the 'Open With' function in file manager (only when program is not already started)
- auto show keyboard (on/off)
- Animation can be switched on/off
- Warning "note already exist" can be switched on/off
- Place buttons (save, Cancel, Delete) above the keyboard (no need to close keyboard to see the buttons)

More Information about this app can be found here:

Download This HD2 App Here:

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