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Friday, August 6, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Archibald's Adventures v1.06

Archibald's Adventures is a mind blowing action puzzle platform game. The game follows the adventures of skateboarding kid Archibald as he tries to escape the maze of dangers in a science lab filled with creatures and traps.

Archibald isn't the muscle-bound hero type, so instead you must use your cunning to avoid dangers. To solve the puzzles, you'll have to flip switches, use teleporters, bizarre science potions, and a variety of odd items.

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zip file: 7.81MB

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zip file: 7.81MB


Anonymous said...

good game, cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Some good games to play. Your the man. Ad Clicking to show my thanks

Anonymous said...

can someone make pokemon for hd2

gary said...

its asking me for a registration code

Anonymous said...

you will find it in a txt file in zip file

Anonymous said...

pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon.please please please

Anonymous said...

Above you want me to poke your mum?
You only have to ask once and you dont need to beg me im up for anything ;-) LMAO
Thanks for the cool game :-)
Hey you should put Swype on here its better than slideIT, Alot faster and not so buggy i bet alot of people would like it, Just one thing some people report that email accounts passwords reset but worked great for me after install click little triangle in htc messages to change keyboard to swype

Anonymous said...

TETRIS FOR HTC HD2 That would be awesome

Anonymous said...

thanks for codes

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