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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Google Translator v1.6

Google Translator is free online translator using
- Support for translation in both directions for more than 40 languages
- Consumes almost no traffic, because works directly through the google api.

 just select your input language on the right box. and your output language on the right box.
write or paste the text you want to translate.
hit Translate, and your done!

Requirements:Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

Download This HD2 App Here:


yusuf said...

its doen't worl on my HD2

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work on my HD2 either. Keeps showing an unknown error.

Shkedi said...

you need to install this :

i will add this to the post, thanks for the heads-up.

MilanX said...

i have instaled .net compact 3.5.72... and it doesnt work for me either

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